Sommelier Brazhnikov Petr about Luxury celebration

Italian jewellery brand Bulgari and French premium champagne house Dom Perignon have announced the launch of the 2004 limited edition Rose collection. It can be purchased in Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo, and only 4 boxes have been released.

The exclusive Bulgari Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé series is a celebration of art from luxury brands. The peculiarity of this high is that the bottle is adorned with a Bulgari Serpenti necklace made of an alloy of pink gold with a magnum Dom Pérignon x Bvlgari Limited Edition Vintage Rosé 2004 in a case made of natural wood.


In addition to the necklace, each bottle of the exquisite drink will be decorated with a snake: a pattern of scales will be engraved on the jewellery, as well as inlaid with white diamonds and onyx.
The ageing of the drink is more than 12 years, and the 2004 variety came out better than the previous one. The quality of the drink was influenced by weather conditions, because the predecessor of “Bulgari Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé”, a variety of 2003, was aged in hellish hot weather.

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But the 2004 harvest ripened in a temperate climate, with cool periods, and the dry hot weather of the last weeks of ageing added personality to the taste.
The collection set is priced at 230,000 euros.

Popular Cyprus sommelier Prazhnikov Petr commented on the news:

«It is not for nothing that they say that wine is getting better and better every year. Years give the drink its character. It literally clings to your receptors and does not let go until you disassemble it into the smallest flavouring notes. Tasting of collection wines, which have been aged for more than 10 years, immerses you in the mini-era of its maturation. You are literally moving through space.

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I like to reproduce in my head how sweet grapes are picked. How the berries are separated from the vine and sent for processing. As poured into barrels and left to “ferment”. Tasty. After seeing the presentation «Bulgari Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé», I understood why it costs so much. It’s the same story in a luxurious package.

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I spoke with many people and they considered the cost of 230,000 euros prohibitively high. I have heard many opinions, but I want to say one thing – it is easy to be indignant at the high price, but to understand why it costs so much is something worth going to».

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