Social Media Goes Wild As Abena Korkor Demonstrates Top Skills to Become the Best Ashawo – Video

Abena Korkor is not done causing confusion and wahala on social media as she’s released another disturbing video.

In the video, Korkor is demonstrating to all ladies like her who sleep with men for money how to make it in life.

According to Abena, whenever you make money from sleeping with a man, you must not spend it but rather save it to build your bank statement.

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Korkor said having a good bank statement is important because that’s how you get loans and manage to travel.

She said ashawo ladies like her must therefore make sure any man they make is deposited in their accounts.

Korkor said men who sleep with you would only give you money but would never teach you how to make money so you have to be enterprising to learn that for yourself.

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The mental health advocate revealed this in an ‘ashawo masterclass’ she’s now giving out to her followers.

Listen to her below…


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