Slay Queens exchange kicks and blows on the street [Watch]

Slay Queens exchange kicks and blows on the street || In what can be termed a show of shame, a bunch of slay queens have been caught on camera gunning for each others neck on the street….


If you ever want to see how women can extremely get violent in life, then you need to check out when two or three of them are fighting over something.

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This is the exact situation that happened to some slay queen fter they found themselves in a middle of a brutal fight on the street.

These Slay Queens have been filmed fighting each other by fed up locals who are tired of their disputes over the best spots for business.

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In a video that is making rounds on social media, the unidentified women were seen in a heated exchange in the streets as they latched onto each other’s cloths while they were being recorded by onlookers.



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From their exchange, it could be gathered that they were fighting as a result of who arrived at the checkpoint first.

Check out the video by clicking on the play ▶ button below :

Slay queens exchange kicks and blows on the street


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