Slay Queen shuts down street with a mini-dress -Video

Slay Queen shuts down street with a mini-dress . Just 2 days after the relaxation of the lockdown by the president where now residents and civilians now don’t have to show exemption letters to enter CBD to conduct their usual business a lot has happened already.

Many people flocked to the CBD to resume their normal businesses after being closed nearly for two months. Below are some of the traffic we saw the following day after the president had eased the lockdown.

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These pictures were taken from the Harare CBD and people were not hesitant to make it into the CBD. People had missed and some lagging behind on businesses as many of Zimbabweans being informal traders who earn little money for survival in the CBD.


Harare CBDSlay Queen shuts down street with a mini-dress


However, in all these pedestrians and some motorist were treated to free entertainment as a Slay Queen wearing a mini-dress caused chaos with most of her lower body exposed. All her thighs and B00TY was almost exposed.

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See the video below.



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