Slay queen goes crazy in a night club after being marinated with alcohol [Watch]

Slay queen goes crazy in a nightclub after being marinated with alcohol [Watch].

Before the outbreak of coronavirus, it was ‘parte after parte’ in various nightclubs in major towns across the country.

But now, the dancefloor is gathering dust after Governments ordered all night clubs shut down.

To reminisce the good old days before coronavirus disrupted normal life, we came across this video of a hot slay queen almost causing an earthquake on the dance-floor with her steamy dance moves.

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While her age mates were busy looking after their husbands and kids, this fast-aging woman was captured on camera in a clubs pulling some crazy dance moves.

In this video that has emerged online, the slay queen was spotted getting loose in a house party after being marinated with alcohol

She almost brought business to a standstill at the club.

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Check out the video below :



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