Slay Queen Emptied My House When I Was At Work

A South African man is regretting ever falling in love with a woman who emptied his house when he had gone to work after dating for a few weeks.

Tshepo Baloyi (37) was so into his new curvy girlfriend that he accepted her and her one-year-old son into his house in Ivory Park, near Midrand.

But it turned out the woman was not into him.

When Tshepo came back home from work, he discovered that his girlfriend of four weeks was gone – and so was his fridge, plasma TV and other valuables.

The woman, from a village in Limpopo, then switched off her phone. And to this day, he has not been able to trace her.

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Tshepo believes the 26-year-old woman, whose name is known to Daily Sun, was using him as a ticket to a better life in Gauteng.

He claimed that the police at Ivory Park cop shop refused to help.

“They told me to look for her and notify them. But where will I find her?” he said.

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Tshepo said he fell in love with her when he met her at a funeral in Limpopo, and she visited him with her son. “I treated her son as my own, and I thought we were building a family. But she turned out to be a snake.”

He said when she moved in with him, he gave her a R500 allowance.

“But she wanted me to add R300, forgetting that I was the breadwinner,” he said.

Tshepo said when he came back from work, his shack was empty and she was nowhere to be found. He said in February, she called from a different number to tell him about a new boyfriend.

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“She handed the phone to her new boyfriend, who insulted me and told me that I was stupid. He also said I was not going to get my things back,” said Tshepo.

He said he’s been trying to contact the number, but it’s no longer working.

Captain Bernard Matimulane advised Tshepo to go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint.

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