Sjava showcases new girlfriend on Instagram

Sjava showcases new girlfriend on Instagram ||Hip Hop artist and actor Sjava is finally settled and off the market after a rollercoaster relationship with fellow singer Lady Zamar.

Sjava posted a picture of his new girlfriend wearing a white round neck t-shirt with his face printed vividly on the front, and a caption of a heart.

The KZN based rapper is not ready to reveal her identity, as he covered her eyes.

sjava posts picture of new girlfriend


Sjava made headlines this year after taking turns with ex-girlfriend Lady Zamar who accused him of raping her.

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After the was accused of rape, Sjava went into defensive mode and detailed how he met Lady Zamar in 2017. He also rebuffed the assertion that he cheated on his wife as he said he never married and he doesn’t have a child.


The rapper believes problems started at the Sun Arena when he introduced his ‘wife’ to the audience.

He said the ‘Collide’ singer felt disrespected and trivialised by the incident.

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Sjava new girlfriend

Sjava apologised for the incident and he said he was sorry for putting Lady Zamar in an awkward position.

The KZN based rapper refuted the accusations that he rapped Lady Zamar and said he was shocked to learn that Lady Zamar told the world that she is afraid of him.

“I am not a rapist. I have for years been advocating for abuse of any kind, any shape or form, be it women or children abuse, even alcohol abuse,” he said

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Sjava’s fans hope his new girlfriend will put a smile on Sjava’s face as he says he has been financially impacted by the rape accusations as he is being taken off shows due to his tarnished image.

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