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Sjava Is Not The Father!

Sjava even since Lady Zamar’s rape allegations. Just Last week reported that a woman called Mandisa Mtubu had come out to speak that she has a baby boy with Sjava and that the muso was refusing to care for the son.

Well it turned out the said child is not his after undergoing paternity tests.

The reason why the Sjava was refusing to pay was because he wanted have a DNA test done first to confirm the paternity of the child. The baby mama got her lawyers PJ Mathebula Attorneys involved in an effort to force Sjava to pay papgeld.

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The lady wanted a second paternity test after the Toga Toga pathology laboratories ruled Sjava out.

“The exclusion is based on the fact that he does not show the genetic markers, which have to be present for the biological father of the child at multiple DNA systems. Therefore, it is practically proven that Mr Jabulani Makhubo is NOT the biological father.”

Mandisa Mtubu lawyers sent Sjava a letter in last year December after the initial paternity test was done and wanted the paternity test done again.

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“It is our instructions that our client would like to have paternity tests done at Lancet laboratories in Milpark Netcare Hospital on 12 December 2019 for the paternity test of [child], alleged to have been born by our client and yourself. This is due to the discrepancies of your chosen pathologist. In reference to the above, kindly furnish us with a written undertaking of your availability to the said date by close of business, Friday December 6 2019,” reads part of the letter.

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