Sister Derby Sharply Reacts After Queen Farcadi’s Claim that Her Boyfriend Is Using her As An ATM

Sister Derby has responded following a claim from her new boyfriend’s baby mama, Queen Farcadi, that she’s being used as an atm.

Farcadi caused a stir earlier today when she took shots at Sister Derby.

She tried to rile her up by claiming that her new, young boyfriend, David, is not in love with her.

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David is not only Derby’s boyfriend but also Farcadi’s baby daddy.

Farcadi flat out implied that David is using Sister Derby as an atm to make cash and uses that money to take care of their kid.

Her comment appears to have struck a nerve with Derby who has responded.

She released a video sending out a warning.

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Watch it below…



Farcadi’s claim touches a sore spot for Derby.

She’s already been used and dumped publicly once, we don’t think she can survive another use and dump like that.

From the look of things, she’s not too worried, for now.


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