Singer of love songs impregnates Ugandan obsessed fan, hides from her and baby (Video)

An unidentified fan has accused Ugandan love songs singer Jovan Luzinda of impregnating her and abandoning their child.

The fan while speaking to NBS TV’s uncut yesterday claimed she and the singer met during the latter’s concert in Katosi, but she had been an ardent follower and fan of the singer.

She says she was blown away by the love songs the singer has been able to roll out, which could have confused her into thinking he was actually as loving as he professes in his musical lyrics.

“I was blown away by his love songs; they are so nice. I thought that is the same love he has physically, I have only realized it was a lie,” the fan claimed.

According to the fan, they met with Luzinda backstage and they exchanged contacts after the singer claimed she had a beautiful voice and she would be singing with him soon.

“I was backstage when he came out of his car, he approached me and we exchanged pleasantries. He said he was immediately struck my angelic voice, and claimed we can sing together. He then asked for my phone number to keep in touch,” she said.

She narrates that the Mbosera singer then started sending her WhatsApp messages and asked her to find a private place, preferably a room, where they could speak in detail about her singing career and also get her to do some voice rehearsals.

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“At about 1:00 am, he was done singing, so he asked which room I was in, I told him and he said he was coming. He then asked which type of lights were in the room. I told him some lights were colored, he claimed his eyes are allergic to colored lights,” she said.

“He also added that lights are not good at the moment because he being a celeb, he would be noticed quickly.”

She narrates that the singer came to the room hooded and sat on the bed, the two strangers then started discussing business.

“It was about 3:00 am now and I told him the time had gone, he claimed it was too late to move out or he risked being mugged by Kifeesi. He then said he would like to sleep over for safety reasons and then would leave early morning,” she said.

With a room that had one bed and one mattress, the possibility of an obsessed fan sleeping far away from a predating celebrity was near impossible, and that night the two launched their first collaboration- in bed.

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She confirms the Wabikola singer made love to her.

“Yes, we made love.”

“I loved him in his songs and had never met him face to face. Of course, he could not control himself when we were in the same bed,” she added.

That was the beginning of other meetings that happened at Madinisa in Makindye, a Kampala suburb.

“The next time we met, he asked me to book a room in Makindye and wait for him to complete his show. We were in love for the whole week, he would text me on WhatsApp like crazy,” she said.

Things started turning ugly the day she released pregnancy lyrics to the Ninga Mutamivu singer.

“He immediately stopped picking my calls, stopped replying to my messages, and blocked me from the time I said I am pregnant. This was toward the end of 2018,” she claimed.

She says she has never seen any form of help coming from the Mpede singer, whose name she passed on to her son- Luzinda Calvin.

“I am not staying in Makindye, a female advocate has been helpful to me but Jovan Luzinda has failed to own up. Now I have rent arrears and have been told to vacate,” she reported.

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Jovan Luzinda also sang a song called True Love, but the fan says she has not seen it manifest.

“We met him in Makindye, he was too bitter and claimed he does not know me. I am willing to do a DNA test if it is what it takes. I call upon Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi to help me, he should accept this child,” she claimed and broke down.

According to her, the singer says his children should have his eyes.

Singer replies

Jovan Luzinda in reply claimed he is not aware of the fan and has never met her.

“I am not a ghost, that I go out to do things and return without noticing,” he said.

On the uncanny resemblance with the said child, the singer said not all those who look like him are his children.

“Are all the children who look like me, mine? Even if the child has my eyes but yes that is not how things are done,” he added.

“I have never been to Katosi with any lady, so what I can tell you is that I don’t know that person,” he concluded.

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