Signs she is testing whether you’re boyfriend material

Signs she is testing whether you’re boyfriend material || Most women test men in different ways to know if they are boyfriend material. Before a woman agrees to be your girlfriend, there are chances she will test you several times just to know how far you can go.

For the man to be safe from these tests, here are signs that a woman is testing whether you are boyfriend material.

1. She plays hard to get

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If a girl likes you but tries to play hard to get, that is a clear indication she is testing your patience. She wants to test how long you are willing to wait before she can accept you to be her boyfriend.

2. She asks you about your past

Other women will also dig into your past by asking you to tell them about your past relationships. By this, she is trying to see whether you’ve been good to past women or not.

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3. She talks about her exes

Another way of knowing that a woman is testing you is by paying attention to the number of times she talks about her exes without even you asking her.

There are several things that she can learn about you by just talking of her exes, such as whether you are the jealous type and how you would react in such situations.

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