Side chic gives wife of man she’s sleeping with ‘serious’ uppercut during nasty fight (Video)

Viral footage has emerged from Kenya showing the moment two women squared it off openly. 

From the gossip we gathered from an online source, the man’s wife was informed that her husband was frolicking with his side chic at a ‘coded’ location.

Armed with this information, she stormed the place to confront them.

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The husband, the report adds, sensed danger and ran away upon sighting his wife.

The woman then decided to confront the alleged side chic who made no attempt to flee.

And just as they were trying to sort out the issue, the young lady got physical and started throwing punches.

In the cause of the brawl, the side chic landed one hefty uppercut that sent the woman crashing to the ground while onlookers did nothing to separate them.

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Watch the video below;



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