Shocking Details Of How Demonic Rich Man Exchanged Moesha’s Soul With Death

At this point, fans and loved ones of Moesha Bodoung have to join hands and invest prayers into her life because she’s really going tough time and battling with demonic spirits.

Shocking details coming out right now is that Moesha’s soul is being haunted after coming into contact with a demon.

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Controversial media personality, Adu Safowaa has disclosed that Moesha has slept with a demonic rich man who has exchanged her soul with death.

Adu Safowaa noted Moesha was supposed to die after she met that demonic man but mercy said no – God saved her.

Apparently, death is haunting Moesha Boduong and the risk is that she could harm herself or commit suicide if she’s not delivered or guided.

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Adu Safowaa wrote, ‘She came across a Business tycoon that not human and had something to do with him…. ( kindly note that, No blame game here cux We all ain’t virgins and ve our dirty skeletons).
The Man exchanged her soul with Death but #JESUS and #mercy said NO. People close to MOESHA should be attentive, monitor her movement, stay close pls …. I prayed for her this dawn and I will do always.
All should remember her in prayers. It deeper. DEAR GOD, pls help us ALL

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Meanwhile, there are reports this morning that Moesha has attempted suicide already.

According to reports, she tried jumping from a storey building but 4 macho men saved her from killing herself.

Moesha proceeded from that incident to go and share the gospel on the street as she was captured sharing her past experience with some Ghanaian youth and advising them to give their lives to Christ.

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Also, Moesha has confirmed that she’s has given almost everything she has out; her cars, house and everything she owns. According to her, she now takes uber and trotro and she has nothing in her account.

Unconfirmed report making rounds on social media say she donated all her properties to her pastor.



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