Shock As Vida Anane To Sleeping With Ghosts, Says They Messed Her Life – (+video)

A Ghanaian lady narrates how she slept with ghosts and they ended up messing her life.  In an interview with SV TV, Vida Anane confessed that she’s been having sexual intercourse with men she knows died in the past.


According to her, just about four days prior to the interview, she saw her own late father sleep with her.

The heartbroken lady said that after every encounter, she wakes up feeling ‘satisfied’ like she had physical sex. She added that she often experiences pain in her private parts.

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When the host asked Vida about the background of the whole thing, she tearfully recounted. 

“I started experiencing these dreams from primary school through JHS and SHS until now. But I never told anyone until SHS when some of my friends who had similar encounters told me about how dangerous it was.”

Since then, Vida says she has met some prophets who claim they can deliver her but the problem has still persisted. She says the ghosts are jealous and have prevented everyone from helping her to become a better person.

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“When somebody wants to help me, they usually tell me that strange people visit them in their dreams. These strange people warn them to stay away from me or face their wrath.

Vida further added that: “Whenever I get employment, the business begins to experience tough challenges and often collapses. On other occasions, my employers tell me that my face physically turns into the heads of different animals. For that reason, they can’t work with me”.

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The 37-year-old also recalls how everyone she has ever dated complained about getting warned by spirits in their dreams. The longest relationship she had lasted for only one month.

The lady, Vida Anane comes from Techiman but currently lives in Salaga. She is not married, is single, childless, unemployed and spiritually tormented. She is struggling to survive everyday as it comes.

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