Sheebah Must Apologize To Me- Nina Roz Speaks Out On Her Broken Relationship With TNS Lead Star

 Sheebah Karungi and Nina Roz || Seems its very hard for two beautiful babes to stay friends forever. There is always that one or two things which make women part ways and if they do they become sworn enemies.

Nina Roz were friends Sheebah
Nina Roz were friends Sheebah

This is the same case with singers, Sheebah Karungi and Nina Roz. Apparently, the pair used to eat from the same plate, share clothes, bed and hit the streets together but they fell out. They can no longer share the same space.

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Nina Roz confirmed recently that Sheebah hates her to the moon and back fot reasons she didn’t disclose! The ‘Munda Ddala’ hit star claimed Sheebah must kneel before her and apologize if she ever dreams of burying the hatchet.

Mbu Sheebah hates Nina Roz
Mbu Sheebah hates Nina Roz

She further fussed that the TNS lead star has always felt ‘Nnugu’ because of her little success.

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“We can no longer be friends because our issues are deep. I know she hates me so much. She needs to apologize”, Nina boldly said in an interview with a local television recently. She said the two have issues that can only be solved by both of them not any one else.

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