Sheebah Karungi paints the internet red with semi n#de pics as she celebrates her 32nd birthday

SheebahKarungi paints the internet red with semi n#de pics as she celebrates her 32nd birthday.

TNS (Team No Sleep) signed singer Sheebah Karungi yesterday celebrated her 32nd birthday in style and what better way could she have got fans excited than sharing a couple of semi-nude pictures on social media.

Nobody was appalled by her decision to show the world a glimpse of what her body looks like but as usual the sumptuous snaps sparked a debate of whether the broad day-light nudity is part of her overall strategy to make women more empowered or independent.

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In the revealing pictures posted on Instagram, Sheebah, who is dressed in a spanking peach bikini, dons a translucent net dress that seductively reveals her sharp pointed boobs to whoever cares to give a glance.

Her sexy look is complemented by the long brown curly strands of hair falling over her back and shoulders. She then audaciously poses for the camera as she holds a glass of champagne & properly positions her sunglasses.Sheebah, who seems carefree about the consequences of the pics, captions the snaps ”Laba muwala wa Mukyala Kabazungu gwe!11:11 Make A Wish!”


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