Sheebah Kalungi Goes Half N@ked to Serves Ugandans With Some Sauce (VIDEO)

Sheebah Kalungi Goes Half Naked to Serves Ugandans With Some Sauce || It’s been weeks since Ugandans got another p(o)rn tape after Don Zella and Winnie Nwagi’s. However, the waiting is no more after singer Sheebah Karungi uploaded a teaser on her social media pages which has stunned the internet.

In the video, Sheebah shows her fans only topless upper body but only jewerly showing her Pointy B0obs. Her b0obs are just bare with her hands covering the nipples.

Fans mostly male ones, have shown their dissatisfaction by asking her to remove the hand and let them enjoy her n!pples.

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“Hands off please, your fan here is dying to see your nipples,” one fan identifying himself as XendaXanda Hurba commented.

Sheebah has also received massive criticism from fans who believe she’s too old for such n(u)dity. These claim she is trying to copy singer Jennifer Lopez who recently went completely na(ked.

“Mwana likes zibamalamu nnyo ba celeb, Kati oli ku Jlo, oli ye yakikuba da banange” a one Wants Harts criticized.

Sheebah has always been indecent in videos and pictures but had never gone completely n@ked as today.

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It shall be remembered that in 2018 the anti P0)rn committee together with Fr Simon Lokodo were against the “ice cream” singer over her indecent dress code.

Enjoy the teaser video below:  Sheebah Kalungi Goes Half Naked to Serves Ugandans With Some Sauce



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