Sexy And Stylish Super Model Doreen Kabareebe Takes A Deep Look At Her Fertile Savanna Grass Land As She Sends A Strong Message To All Those Gossiping Behind Her Back

Sexy and stylish super model Doreen Kabareebe seems to have grown sick and tired of people whose only job is to gossip and talk trash about her yet when it comes to beauty and looks all of them are well below average compared to her stunning appearance.

The cocacola shaped model who of late is rumored to be eating security expert Dixon bond Okello’s big Cassava  has come out hard and hit at her haters with no mercy

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Using her official Instagram account Doreen made it clear that even though rumor mongers keep talking about her every day none of them is as good looking as she is when it comes to beauty

  ”When you start gossiping about me,remember nkusing’obulunji so yogera bitono” Doreen posted the message on Instagram as she accompanied it with a pic of herself donned in a sexy bikini seductively looking at her well shaved Punani

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