Sex workers in Koforidua offer free sex to help fight against homosexuality

As part of the masses clarion call to scrap away LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Life) in Ghana, a group of sex workers in the Capital of the eastern region of Ghana, Koforidua are offering free sex to curb homosexuality in the country.

According to a publication by Eastern region based Bryt FM, the sex workers in the region have offered free sex to men who are homosexuals in order to make them enjoy true sweetness from the “Akosua kuma” of women.

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A leader of the group speaking in an interview underscored the fact that they want to make those men who are homosexuals have a change of perception about vagina sex and make them fan of that.

“We have decided to provide all these gay men with free hot sex for two months to change their perception about vagina sex” She said.

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Akua, a leading member of the group admonished that gaysism and lesbianism are all not something good before the Lord thus encouraged Ghanaian gays to come have a taste of vagina sex and for the lesbians also to go for the hot penis which gives fantastic orgasm.

“Gayism and lesbianism, not a good thing. We are also encouraging Ghanaian men to identify the Lesbians to give them hot sex and multiple orgasms. They will love penis afterward”  She added.

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