Sex beyond 13 minutes is deadly-Dr. Donkor

Sex beyond 13 minutes is deadly || The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Noble Trust Herbal Clinic Dr. George Donkor has cautioned persons who enjoy sex for than 13 minutes to stay off that practice.

Speaking on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow 87.5Fm said men who go beyond 13 minutes are prone to prostate enlargement and heart disease.

He explained sex is supposed to last between 7-13 minutes hence those who use sex enhancers to enhance their sex drive is deadly to their health.


For women, he said they could have swollen in their private parts, cuts and also suffers, other implications should they exceed the normal time.

He was reacting to reactions from a section of the Ghanaian public who expressed their desire in enjoying sex beyond the required 13 minutes.

Some individuals who spoke to the news team said they could go between 30-2 hours when they eat a balanced diet.

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The majority of the young men who spoke said women who they sexually engage with demand more rounds hence they use enhancers to improve their sexual life.

But Dr. George Donkor warns such acts are deadly.



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