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Serena Bata ‘feels hurt’ by allegations of sexual relationship with Abitex

Singer Serena Bata says she always feels hurt whenever people ask her whether she has a sexual relationship with her manager Abbey Musinguzi alias Abitex.

Serena Bata spoke out on what hurts her during an interview while confirming rumors that she was gifted a brand new ride by her manager Abitex.

When asked if she has ever slept with Abitex, Serena Bata quickly denied the allegations asserting that Abitex is a professional manager who cannot do such a thing to her.

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She also explained that Abitex treats her like her own daughter and he provides her with everything she needs on time.

It hurts so much whenever am asked if I sexually sleep with my manager Abitex. He is a professional person and he treats just like his daughter.

I even at times feel shy when you guys ask me such questions. I’m glad that he gifted me a ride and he provides me with everything that I need on time

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However, I am only with the fact that I haven’t done anything that can pay back what he has invested in me since concerts and performances are still on the lockdown.


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