Sensational village couple fires up netizens as they chew themselves by the roadside soon after rain stops -Video

Ugandans react to viral video of lovers in Kisoro dancing Jig Jig by the roadside.

“Uganda etandise okumpomera,” Fountain of honor Sevo once said while addressing his ‘Bazzukulu’ on TV. Sevo was bragging about the good roads without potholes his government has constructed across the whole country.

The 77-year-old Statesman used that chance to advise Bazzukulu to travel up-country and witness the good works he has done for the country. That was a year ago.

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Indeed his message served purpose as people including couples have started enjoying fruits of steady progress and securing their future.


Today, October 3, the internet is on fire after landing on a viral video of a sensational ‘couple’ dancing Jig Jig by the roadside, Sevo constructed soon after rain stops.

The viral video shows the two people showcasing their dancing skills in public.

The incident happened in the land of milk and honey, Kisoro District in Western Uganda.

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As the couple rode on their bike, probably heading home to have some good time together, the man couldn’t stand the stiffness. He parked the bike and quickly unleashed his cassava on the lover while standing.

As always, Ugandans on Twitter have added butter to a loaf of already sweet bread.

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This is what happens when you eat people’s transport money 😂

— Quin Thelie🌹🌹 (@QThelie) November 3, 2021

From today onwards people from Kisoro will be called Abasoro😀 because they have proved to love the kasoro so much😂

— Angel🎀 (@bestofUOT) November 3, 2021


On behalf of the boy child, we are so pleased and well represented by our brother from Kisoro who showed a world class performance on the road side…… He used a lot of professionalism.

Thanks MGT!!— FortPortal’s Finest🎅 (@DavidDallas256) November 3, 2021

So Ugandans are tired of missionary, doggy now they are inventing kisoro style😂😂😂😂

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