SCREENSHOTS: Woman Leaks Shocking Private Chats of Sasha Ferguson & Her Husband Cheating

We recently revealed to you shocking details of how former WBS TV presenter Sasha Ferguson has been allegedly cheating on Canary Mugume, her now husband for 2years and now the wife of the man she was cheating with has leaked their private chats.


Digging deep into the details of this story, Blizz Uganda received an exclusive sms transcript of Sasha Ferguson chatting, texting with a man zungu man identified as Jim with a +255 (Tanzania) phone number and the two were revealing intimate moments they were and wanted to share together.


However, even though due to following privacy rights, we shall not be able to publish all the thousands of texts in the screenshots we received, we shall be able to show you part of our conversation with Chantal, the said wife of Jim, the man Sasha was allegedly cheating with.


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In part of the conversation, this woman tells Blizz Uganda investigators how Sasha was already dating Canary butshe did not hesitate to spend all her nights in Tanzania with Jim, her cheating husband and soon-to-be father of her child.

One of the screenshots (from thousands we received)

She also posted some photos on social media(i discovered them also on his phone after recovering deleted media)made at his place.Also one video with him in the background“- the wife partially told us.

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“I have wrote to her husband not long ago before he proposed to her but he never saw my messeges. I also wrote to Canary mum but the same..she never read my messages.To both of them i wrote on Fb Messenger”- she went ahead to alert us.

Chantal also went ahead and added; “I want to let the truth known..i DON T WANT my name to be public,nor my picture.I don t want any publicity. The pain I feel because of them I don t want to be in vain. I want people to see her real face not how she picture-perfect portraits her.”


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Below are screenshots of our chat with her, part of it:










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