School teacher caught ‘having sex’ during zoom meeting (videos)

A school teacher was caught in an awkward position during a Zoom meeting and the recordings of the meeting are already in circulation.


In a video shared online, a female teacher from Birmingham City School is seen laying on her chest while the meeting is going on. It appears she’s not aware her camera is on.

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Soon, she begins rocking, like someone is pushing her from behind.


The naked top half of a man’s body is then seen briefly before the movement of the woman’s body continues, this time, more vigorously.


The woman’s face also loses focus during this period and it’s clear that she’s not concentrating on the meeting anymore.

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“Oh my God, he’s beating her guts out,” voices are heard saying as the woman’s body continues rocking.


Several teachers who claim to know the female teacher in the video say they don’t believe she was having intercourse. However, students are circulating the video while insisting the teacher was having sex during the Zoom meeting.

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Watch the video below.


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