Saying “I love you” during sex does not count

This week I met a soul waiting for a car a man promised to buy her during sex. I laughed so hard. I am not saying he won’t buy it. All I am saying that if he doesn’t, do not blame him, or even deny him more.

So many things are said during the act. In that moment, you feel things that your head interprets into earthly things.

You relate whatever you feel with the best life has offered you. When the man is hitting all the right places, you will even give away your parents’ land. You will give him the world.

During that moment, when you are about to let go, you will say things that you won’t even remember. When her walls are tight, and they hold you with a grip.

When they chock your third leg with that slippery warmth, whatever you say or give away cannot be held against you.

When a woman wants something, she will wait to feel the veins build-up and will ask the most random question, and in the moment, no matter how much a star you are, you will answer right, first.

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You can change your answer seconds later, but that first instinct will be to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so that you continue with the sweetness at hand. So when your partner tells you they love you during sex, it doesn’t mean that every phone call will end with I love you from thereon.

He might even never call you back. Most people will reply that they love you back because they do not want to deal with the weird situation.

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When a man says that that is the best sex he has ever had, much as it might be true, it does not mean that the next thing he will do is go home, pack his things and leave his wife and kids. Stop taking sex talk that serious.

That is why some women will never fully let go because they are so careful of what they might say in that moment. You are probably not squirting because you have never fully let go.

Get out of your head and get into the act, and you will be surprised that there is a second source of River Nile in between your legs.

No matter how serious their cum face looks like, do not demand or even expect what they promised you during that amazing sex. I call sex one of the most beautiful things God created.

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The sweetness that sex brings to the table is nothing like any food can bring. It is no wonder that sex is food for the soul.

During extreme sweetness, whatever you say should only be referred to when thinking or talking about that act. In that moment, when you are sliding in, and she says, “you are the only man I love”.

All she means, is that that stick is life and love at that moment. If they deliver, you get to enjoy good sex and the fine things life has to offer. Until next time, I love you during sex, doesn’t mean, Will you marry me.



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