Save The Date! Patapaa And German Girlfriend Fix Wedding Date – See Photos

Patapaa And German Girlfriend Fix Wedding Date || Ghanaian musician Patapaa and her German girlfriend Liha are very much together and are telling Ghanaians to save a certain date for a big surprise.

Rumor was that Liha Miller had dumped Patapaa for a rich Nigerian celebrity and the two were chilling in Nigeria but she have shut all mouths up with this announcement.

On the Instagram page of Liha, she shared some photos with her beloved Patapaa looking all adorable and hinted that in about seven days time, Ghanaians will be surprised with a news.

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Her words were, “29th November . Save The Date”. In Ghana when someone says Save The Date, it only means one thing, Marriage.

It could really be that the two love birds will be making it official with a wedding ceremony since the family of Patapaa and Liha have already met and introduced themselves.

If indeed it is going to be a wedding, then i guess this is going to be a Pa2Pa wedding and with strict invites as well.

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Check the post out below. ….. Patapaa And German Girlfriend Fix Wedding Date



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