Sad story of how this beautiful girl died

Sad story of how this beautiful girl died || Alichia Adams is one of the ladies who died in the fatal Rolls Royce crash with Zimbabwean socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure.

Two others who also died documented their time at the club for popular fitness bunny and socialite Mimie Moana’s birthday celebration before the accident.

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She was a model and brand strategist.

A witness said: “The three girls didn’t make it out. They were just crying inside the burning car. We couldn’t do anything”.



Sadly, the beautiful Adams was one of those girls.

Prominent Zimbabwean big boy, Ginimbi was speeding while returning from a birthday party only to crash his Roll Royce. Three friends who were in the car died with him.

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Below is her last video in the Rolls Royce before meeting her untimely death.

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