SAD: Most curvy and beautiful ladies are single – Single curvy Lady shares experience

In society, it’s well known that men are attracted to beautiful as well as curvy women. It’s something that happens naturally.

What many people don’t know is that these beautiful and curvy women come with their own unique challenges that a man will face when in a relationship with them.

These things are actually very popular in today’s world and I’m sure a lot of men out there are aware or familiar with them. Dating beautiful women is not all a bed of roses.

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In a video sighted, a lady claims curvy women find it hard to find real love in life. Why is that? There’s a simple answer to that. Men just want to sleep with them. Though this is not true for all of them, for many it is.

As a result, she advised curvy women to stop wearing seductive outfits when going out else men will always see them as s3x objects and nothing more.


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