Rosemond Brown and Son n@ke.d Photo

Desperate Akuapem Poloo With One Photo Humiliates Herself and Traumatizes her Son for Life

Rosemond Brown and Son naked || Generally, Akuapem Poloo‘s attention-seeking antics are fun and harmless, even though they are tasteless – but they helped her climb from the bottom to whatever her current status is so she deserves a little kudos for that.

However, she’s now taken things to a whole new level after posting a photo of herself and her son today in which she had no clothes on.


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The actress and attention-seeking aficionado is completely n*ked in the shot with her son standing in front of her.

Rosemond Brown and Son

Today is her son’s birthday and Akuapem Poloo claims the photo is to show how n*ked she was when she gave birth however we all know it’s just to get her a few hours of attention with no regard for her son whatsoever.

Poloo could be introducing her son to trauma he has never dreamt of by parading him and herself n*ked before the whole world. He might not fully understand what’s happening now but he’ll grow up one day and have to deal with this photo of himself and his n*ked mom flying freely all across the internet.

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It was fine when Akuapem Poloo was exposing herself to trolls to gain attention, that’s her own palava but roping her son in like this when he has no choice is simply unacceptable.

One day he might have to face trolling from his buddies which he never asked for. This is when Akuapem Poloo fooling for attention stops being funny.

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As for the abominable photo she uploaded we’re not glorifying that by posting it here.

Rosemond Brown and Son naked

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