REVEALED! How Sheila Used To Bonk Rickman Behind God’s plan’s Back

 How Sheila Used To Bonk Rickman Behind God’s plan’s Back.

Yesterday evening celebrated City socialite Sheila Gashumba came out and officially stated how she was in a romantic relationship with fast-rising local rapper Ddungu Derrick popularly known as Rickman Manrick.


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Upon being interviewed by a local TV station, Sheila confidently said she was moving out with the new kid on the block.

”Yes I can now confidently tell you that am in a relationship with Rickman. We have been dating for about 2 months & we seem to have a special kind of connection” Sheila confrimed eating Rickman’s big Cassaava as she conducted an interview with Bukedde

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Although the self proclaimed Lil stunner confessed to being in a relationship with Rickman, there is a section of Facebookers who believe she was already chewing the rapper at the time she was in a relationship with Ex-boyfriend God’s plan

”Why do I think that muvandimwe was already screwing Rickman???”  Do you remember their snaps before lockdown? They looked like they were fucking behind God’s Plan back.  a one Chnatal Ruby posted

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