‘Recieve sense’ Actress Eve Esin ridicules a troll who accused her of being homeless

Nollywood actress Eve Esin has ridiculed a troll who tried to make a mockery of her about being homeless.

This comes after an Instagram user identified as @arana_oha_na_mbasise accused the actress of always lodging in hotels as he questions if she does not have a home.

Responding to this, Eve Esin said she worked round the clock in different states and would not be busy filming and cashing out if she lounges at home.

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The actress further blasted the troll urging him to be reasonable. See conversation below;

@arana_oha_na_mbasise wrote: @eveesin always staying in a hotel don’t you have a house of your own.

Eve Esin replied: @arana_oha_na_mbasise fool. I work round the clock in different states. I won’t be busy filming and cashing out if i lounge at home. Recieve sense.

ThatCelebrity.com News recalled that a few months ago, Eve Esin took to her social media page to share the news of her pregnancy.

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This comes months after she became a subject of discussion on social media platforms for allegedly destroying a close friend’s marital home.

In the post shared by controversial Instagram blogger Gistlovers, Eve Esin constantly visited the house due to the friendship ties with the lady whose marriage she had allegedly ruined.

However, things began to move smoothly, and she reportedly constructed lies about her friend, which led to a crash in her marriage as she got sacked from her matrimonial home.

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