Raunchy dancer Zodwa Wabantu : Sometimes sex is just sex, it has nothing to do with being in love

Raunchy dancer Zodwa Wabantu has revealed sometimes sex has nothing to do with love when it comes to her relationships.

Zodwa was responding to people who criticise her for frequently changing boyfriends and she want to let them know she lives for herself and nobody else.

“I’ve said before that I do whatever makes me happy. If I have a man in my bed, it might not be love. Sometimes sex is just sex and has nothing to do with being in love,” Zodwa Wabantu said.


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Zodwa recently revealed she is going out with another boyfriend soon after breaking with with Ben 10 Vusi.

“All people must know is that I am not bored. I have people that entertain me and I entertain them. I know for society that may make me a s*** but for me, I am just doing what makes me happy in this moment. It’s really a blessing that I don’t care what other people say about me. I’m just doing me,” Zodwa said.

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Zodwa says she is not yet in love and she is still on the market although she has sex whenever she wants it.

Zodwa says the bottom line of everything she does is that makes her happy and not anyone else.

Zodwa is known to prefer young boyfriends than men of her age or older. She also doesn’t like to date celebrities. “I don’t like celebrities, they live a fake life. I don’t want something like myself,” she said after breaking up with another boyfriend Ntobeko Linda. She accused Ntobeko of acting like a celebrity after his new found fame. She broke up with him after paying lobola for him with wedding plans at advanced stage.

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