Queen of Sika Gari Nana Agradaa Fingered As Mother Of All Scams

The days of popular Ghanaian fetish priestess Nana Agradaa are numbered as many people are providing evidence of scam against them.

Evidence against her as the ‘Mother Of All Scams’ has become overwhelming for the Sowutuom police and they have reportedly launched investigations on her.

Many people are claiming with facts that the act of Nana Agradaa is a big scam with the biggest being her infamous ‘Sika Gari ritual’.


Over 15 people have reported the Fetish priestess to the Sowutuom Police with no actions taken but the numbers keep increasing by the month.

Nana Agradaa, with the help of kumawood actor Big Akwes, advertises her ‘Sika Gari’ and says interested persons are to bring GHc1,000 to receive a deity that gives money that never seizes to flow.

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A victim who was scamed recounted to a news agency that after visiting Nana Agradaa at Sowutuom and expressing interest in the Sika Gari, he was asked to pay the fee of GHc1,000 which he did.


After hours of chanting, Nana Agradaa allegedly told him to bring an additional Ghc15,000 before the gods will allow him have access to the Sika Gari.

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The victim said , the preistess claimed she will bless the additional money for him and that will serve as seed money which will begin to multiply. Realizing it was a scam, he refused and Nana Agradaa said failure to bring the money means instant death for the man.


He refused to pay and demanded his Ghc1000 and according to him, Nana Agradaa ordered her bodyguards to throw him out.

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The victim claimed he met a lot of scammed people on his way out who were afraid to enter and demand their money because of her bodybuilders.

Countless reports have being lodged at the Sowutuom Police Station but it is alleged that the fetish Priestess has the law in her pocket so they play a blind eye to her fraudulent acts.


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