Prophetess Juliet pretends to be a man fingers female church member’s privates

 Prophetess Juliet pretends to be a man fingers female church member’s privates || A Zimbabwean prophetess and church leader was arrested for reportedly fondling, kissing and sticking her fingers into the private parts of a female flock that she had temporarily accommodated while finding a place to live.

Juliet Masakanire, co-founder of Pray Distribution and Testimony Ministries International Church, allegedly inserted her finger into the private parts of a member of the church while pretending to be a priest.

Midland police spokesman, Inspector Joel Goko, confirmed the incident and said Masakanire was supporting the police in the investigation.

Inspector Goko said the matter came to light when the complainant, a 32-year-old Gweru woman, reported the incident to a church friend, and both reported the matter to church elders.

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“We arrested the suspect, Juliet Masakanire, after a female congregant with whom she stayed filed a s xual attack complaint against her,” said Inspector Goko.

He said that the woman in the cloth had offered the complainant a place to stay for a few days.

“Sometimes during the month of January, Masakanire briefly accommodated the complainant as she was still searching for a house to rent.

“As she was together, Masakanire prophesied to the complainant that she was going to marry a man called Stanley Chinyonga,” he said.

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Inspector Goko said that Masakanire should talk to the complainant, saying that she was a Chinyonga.

“From the day of the prophecy, the accused would speak to the plaintiff in a male voice saying that she was Stanley Chinyonga.

“On an uncertain date, but during the month of February, the accused woke up in the night and started kissing and caressing the plaintiff all over her body. She tried to resist, but she was overwhelmed, “said Inspector Goko.

He said the prophetess was going to the top of the complainant.

“Masakanire supported the complainant and put her fingers into the private parts of the complainant. She did so on four separate occasions as they sleep on the same bunk.

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“She threatened the plaintiff not to report the matter to anybody, or else she would not have met her future husband, Stanley, if she did,” he said.

The complainant told another congregant that the matter had been reported to the church elders who, in turn, had reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Masakanire.


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