Prophet & Wife Go mad After Going For Prayers On Sacred Mountain

Johane Masowe Apostolic Prophet & Wife Go Insane After Going For Prayers On Sacred Mountain.

In what reads like a scene from a Nollywood movie, a self-proclaimed prophet from the Johane Masowe Apostolic Sect and his wife are reported to have gone insane after they apparently courted the ire of the ancestral spirits, by holding prayers on a sacred mountain.

According to national broadcaster ZBC, Madzibaba Rakeni Gumbira and 7 other members of the Johane Masowe apostolic sect went up the Jeta Mountain in Bindura, for three days of prayer. The group which included Madzibaba Rakeni’s wife is reported to have disregarded warnings from locals about the mountain. Those familiar with Jeta Mountain believe that it is sacred as it is the ancestral home for the local traditional leaders and chiefs, the Masemburas. All cultural rites for the local kings are performed in the mountain.


This did not hold any significance to the apostolic sect members who went up the mountain to pray under the guidance of Madzibaba Rakeni. The self-proclaimed prophet is reported to have told the other 7 that praying on the mountain would increase the group’s spiritual fortitude and allow them to overcome daily spiritual battles.

However, just three days after they came down the mountain, the group was met with a formidable spiritual challenge after Madzibaba Rakeni and his wife went insane.

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Following the news of Madzibaba Rakeni’s spiritual woes, the group of 8 Johane Masowe eChishanu apostolic sect members were summoned to Chief Masembura’s traditional court. The apostolic faith members narrated some of the bizarre and mysterious incidents that they had encountered during their sojourn on the mountain.

One Apostolic Sect member told the court,

We went up to the mountain to pray under the leadership of Madzibaba Rakeni and he said this will help us overcome daily spiritual battles. We encountered baboons and cows but everything seemed normal to me.

There was a time when a cow came and licked ashes, that’s when I raised my eyebrows, but I just chased it away, my leader said its God’s creation and not worry about it.


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Johane Masowe Prophet & Wife Go Insane After Going For Prayers On Sacred Mountain
Johane Masowe Prophet & Wife Go Insane After Going For Prayers On Sacred Mountain


Another church member told the court,

I forced these men to come here when I heard my brother had gone berserk. They are withholding the truth. The cow being said to have eaten ashes actually licked hot coals of fire.

Chief Masembura advised the apostolic faith members that the issue could only be solved through African Traditional religion warning that the ancestral spirits are now protecting their sacred places.

The ashes you took, are bad spirits and you took them into your home.

The cows you saw are the owners of the country, there no cows which travel in groups in this area or eat ashes. We have had a long-time telling people not to go into the mountain until we got fed up and told the spirits to protect the mountain on their own. That is why you are here today.

It seems you are all in denial that this problem can only be solved through traditional religion, but that is the only way.

Johane Masowe Prophet & Wife Go Insane After Going For Prayers On Sacred Mountain

The traditional leaders are reported to have invoked the ancestors through a spirit medium sot that they would pronounce their own judgement on the supposedly irreverent apostolic sect members.

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According to those who were at Chief Masembura’s court, the ancestors demanded a cow as appeasement in order for Madzibaba Rakeni Gura and his wife to be healed. They also demanded another beast from the 8 apostolic sect members as punishment for desecrating the sacred mountain.

Chief Masembura also fined the 8 prayer warriors 2 goats per person for disregarding cultural protocol by going up to pray on Jeta Mountain.


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