Popular Comedian Beaten By Wife After He Refused to Go Another Round, She’s A S*x Addict.

Popular Comedian Beaten By Wife After He Refused to Go Another Round, She’s A S*x Addict. Funny Face Reveals || Funny Face has come back once again to lay some allegations at the feet of his baby mama.

The two are trading allegations of domestic abuse. The lady claims Funny Face abuses her and he’s also claiming she abuses him.


They are both talking a lot, releasing audios and videos and anything they can use to make their case.

Funny Face’s latest claim is that his baby mama used to abuse him in bed.

According to him she’s a sx addict and anytime he refuses her sx she turns violent.


Funny Face shared a screenshot of some insults she rained on him and said it’s proof she used to abuse him.

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He added: “GYE NYAME “ 🤣✊ .. chale man suffer .. if you have note seen videos and voice notes just shut up 🤣🔥👎⚰️ Check da date !! Da part she said .. u come back u die fool .. was when she took my gun to kill me and I have to run to my friends house .. his name is frank AgYare simply called Rasta house .. I have t go live der for two days. Oh Ohene meseee .. i go fire dis gal like what .. she still go talk say Ei no catch am .. da second pregnancy make u people ask am how she got pregnant 🤣 say I came to sleep with u and still insults u .. apuuuuuu 🤣 u duck me ruff ruff in dis house .. every time den I make weak 🤣 den i Dey feel dizzy .. if I no agree slap .. let reasoning people judge .. which can of a mother or a moral lady will use such words on his baby father 1st July 2019 .. da way she slap me . Make I run from dis house to Rasta’s house is still a mystery to me 🤣 Boys boys mu ma me club beer na mabr3 😂 herrrrh owuo relationship paaa nea3r 🤣 “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “ she later told me Maame yeboah ASIEDU told her to send me dis .. hmmm ⚰️🔥✊ ay3ka .. mawu awieee .. u go born with gangster .. dem Dey slap u .. insult u ruff ruff aaah .. u are now crying 😭 🤣 Yaw Boateng Gyimiiiii fuoorrr,”

His comeback follows a bombshell interview his baby mama Vanessa released in which she said he beat her mercilessly any chance he gets and also that he once killed their dog because he said she was paying it too much attention over him!

Source: Thatcelebrity.com


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