Pokello: Women in Zimbabwe do not bath

Elikem Kumordzie's Ex wife Pokello in trouble in Zimbabwe

Women in Zimbabwe do not bath – Pokello: Women are not bathing in Zimbabwe. The Queen of Swagger may have put herself in trouble with the people of Zim, if something she had recently said was going to happen. The #Chumuti tittle holder recently met a group of people and said Zimbabwean people don’t play with enough water.

Pokello Nare is one of the most famous and loved people in Zimbabwe and most of the social media sites she’s on. Became famous with Rapper Stunner and Ghanaian fashion designer Elikem after her s.e.xtape.

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Pokello obviously has a strong skin texture that makes people drool over her. And with some beauty products, it makes her look even hotter. Yet she gives credit to bathing for her own looks. Many would argue that she has all the things that she required after bathing, well that may be accurate, but she says that 50 percent of her smiling and looking beautiful is just bathing.

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Pokello says she spends about 45 minutes bathing without rushing, and when she’s in a rush, she makes sure she spends at least 30 minutes in a special room. Check out the picture below

Commentary on Pokello Bath


ZIMBABWEAN WOMEN DONT BATH || Women in Zimbabwe do not bath – Pokello

ZIMBABWEAN WOMEN DONT BATH PROPERLY – POKELLO. As the country burns, a group of women met in Harare yesterday met and received tips from Pokello about bathing properly.


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