PLEASE HELP: I really miss my boyfriend who dumped me after I refused to have sex with him

Dear Aunty Lisa

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year. We’re both in university. We started saying ‘I love you a few months ago and we’ve had the most magical year falling in love and getting to know each other. He’s met my parents and I’ve met him. In my mind, I was setting up a life for us together.

Unfortunately, he dumped me last week because I turned down his sexual advances. I am a virg_in and he’s not. He told me that he’s had sex with 2 girls only. He told his best friend that he broke up with me because I refused to have sex with him.

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I really love him and I’m starting to think that I should go back to him so that we can be back together again. At first, I was really mad, but now I really miss him. Should I have sex with him? Or would that be a bad decision?




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