PICS: Kikky Badass leaves Zimboz speechless with her mind-blowing white outfit

Zim’s ‘Nicki Minaj’, they call her! As the new month of February begins, Kikky Badass has once again taken it upon herself to blow our minds with her beautiful white outfit which has left a lot of social media users mind-blown and speechless.

Though it is not the first time such has happened, Kikky also makes sure whenever she shares something on her socials, whether be it music or raunchy snaps, she leaves many praising her name and we think she is the Goddess she thinks she is.

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Today, the second day of Feb, she has struck again with hot looks in a white outfit, fitting so well on her gifted body which every man wishes to have a part of. She simply captioned’ “My reign over these kids comes like THUNDER🥴🤦🏽‍♀️.”

Kikky Badass

MbareTimes.com understands it is a bar on her caption and it might fly over a lot of people’s heads if they don’t catch it. She went on to share her location which happens to be in the United States in Dallas, Texas.

Kikky Badass

We wonder what the queen is up to and just wish her all the best in whatever she is up to!

Kikky Badass


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