PHOTOS: Wild, Super Hot University of Business School Freshers Flock “Shades in the Dark” Campus Party

Last weekend, 13th March 2021 might have been the grand awakening of adult partying and campus plot for hundreds of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) freshers as the first edition of the “Shades” in the Dark campus party went down at Ideal Platinum Hostel.

The party, that was set up by GIMA an accessories and clothing line founded by three third year MUBS students; Maclyon Rukuba, Giovanni Bahemuka and Joel Mugisha.


Started as early as midday in the grounds behind the posh hostel with tickets sold at just Shs 20,000.

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Our snoops were around for the party and we can testify that this year’s freshers are the bomb. Our eyes were rolling from one table to the other without concentrating on any. One time you see a fly shawty to your left and you blink to find out that her friend is the hottest girl you have ever seen in your life.

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The event being organised by a Fashion House, the dress code easily blended in. Those youngins were not dressed to kill, they were dressed to murder. There may not really be a difference but the latter sounds more coarse.

Speaking to one of the organisers, Mr. Rukuba, he intimated to Campus Bee that the party was the beginning of a series of Campus Curated parties that they hope to run to celebrate fashion, young people and the vigour of youths.

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“We are glad the MUBS students loved our initiative. They keep calling to ask about when we will have a second edition and our answer is – we shall announce our next step soon. We don’t want them to be worried that there won’t be another, there will be many many more such parties.” Rukuba said.


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