Photos of Senior Police Officer having quality time with his Junior’s Wife Go Viral

Photos of Senior Police Officer having quality time with his Junior’s Wife Go Viral || A senior police officer based at the Chikurubi Police Camp has become the talk of the community after compromising photos leaked and went viral among the residents.

In the compromising photos, the senior police officer is taking liberties with his junior’s wife whom he is kissing.

According to the local publication, H-Metro, the senior police officer who has been identified as Inspector Meza Malunga was having an adulterous affair with Felina Gusha, the wife of his junior, Constable Mafunga. It seems like when the two were intoxicated with their forbidden affair, they became indiscreet and took photos of themselves kissing and in other comprising positions.

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These indiscretions came back to haunt them after someone stumbled upon the compromising photos and  shared them, causing the photos to go viral in the close-knit community

The story about their romantic pictures has sent a whole gossip vibe in ZRP Support Unit camp to an extent that Malanga had to look for alternative accommodation away from the camp as the situation is now untenable.

Residents of the camp are sharing the romantic photos of the two  with some of the captions below,

“Hero shura mu camp yeChikurubi. Mukadzi wa Inspector Meza Malunga vanogara mu ZRP Support Unit vakaona mashura mufoni ye murume wavo apo vakasangana ne maphoto emuvakidzani wavo vachitsvodana.


Felina Gusha and Meza Malunga || Senior Police Officer having quality time with his Junior’s Wife



“Mai Evans kana kuti mai Mafunga vakaonekwa maphoto avo vachitsvodana na inspector Meza Malunga izvo zvanyadzisa vagari vemu support unit.


“Kutaura kuno Constable Mafunga vati zvinowanikwa izvi uye mukadzi wavo haana kwaanoenda nekuti inherera izvo zvashamisa vagari vemu camp,” reads the captions on the circulating pictures

An unabashed Felina Gusha, Constable Mafunga’s wife did not deny her shameful deed with Inspector Malunga but insisted that the affair ended a while ago.

“I do not know who posted the photographs on social media but the truth is that the affair has since stopped and we resolved the matter amicably,” said Gusha.

Inspector Malunga was approached and he confirmed the story. He, however, refused to entertain any questions by H-Metro concerning this story.

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