Photos: Ayanda Thabethe serves spicy Bikini looks

Actress and Television presenter Ayanda Thabethe is known for her sexy looks and likes to show off her body to her fans. Once again she flaunts her gorgeous body on social media and the public has no option but to admire such beauty.

With others asking for tips on how she manages to keep herself in that shape, many are just filing the comment section with their love for the actress.


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Taking to Instagram Ayanda posts a picture of herself in biking at Singita game reserve with the caption ‘Love. Peace and Bikini bodies …’


Here are some of the comments from her fans:

“Senze njani Ayanda?! What must happen? ???

“I mean Ayanda ??‍♀️??‍♀️ ?❤️

“Fry us ????. ???? is this even real ??? ??

“So early shuuuu ?????????. Amazing body. ❤️❤️❤️

“Lord i pray that i stop eating unhealthy and start hitting the gyms because haibo. ❤️❤️?

“We are all gathered here to witness ???. ??❤️ you’re a definition of what Sexxy is and what it looks like?

In 2019 Ayanda Thabethe caught Kim Kardashian’s eye after nailing the recreation of the fragrance campaign by the Kardashian sisters for Halloween. The TV presenter prioritizes her workout routine and it is evident that hard work pays out as seen by her breathtaking body. She revealed her secret on social media and it contains Diet, training, and drinking warm water.

Ayanda Thabethe

The Top Billing presenter has deep affection for fashion and beauty. The positive social impact she has on female education continues to uplift her in her roles as an actress, brand collaborator in and past South Africa. As a result of her outstanding work, Ayanda has won a lot of awards in the country.

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