Pemba’s Honey Suleman Vs Karma Nessa…Who is the Best Waist Shaker

For the past few days on Ugandan social media, tycoon Jack Pemba and his ex-lover Salaama Honey Suleman have been trending after the release of their infamous “Toothpick in the Dessert” tape.


After the leak, many viewers especially men have hailed Suleman for her waist shaking proficiency among others.

However as the dust settles, there has emerged a debate on who could be the best waist shaker between Suleman and Nessa Karma.

For starters, Miriam Vanessa better known as Nessa Karma  is a gorgeous socialite, model and vixen whose nude video leaked mid-last year.

In the video, Nessa was seen wiggling her waist, seductively making moves as she recorded in HD (720p).

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Also visible in the video was her cookie which attracted comments from male viewers, especially for its enormous size.

Karma Nessa

Who handled the Saga Better?

In 2017 when Nessa’s video leaked, she was quick to go off social media to create room for her healing from the blow.

her social media accounts, especially Facebook remained inaccessible until when the saga cooled off.

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A few days ago when Pemba’s video leaked, several comments were made by the supposed female “victim” Salaama.

in fact, she was quick to take advantage of the exposure, saying her “market” value had skyrocketed in a few hours.


Salaama Suleman

Who is the best Waist Shaker?

It’s an undeniable fact that Pemba’s reported ex-lover Salaama Suleman possesses bedroom skills most men would die for….well, besides the dry junction of her thighs.

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However, when put in direct contention with Nessa, a visibly fresh and socially reserved socialite, Salaama loses, hands down.

Nessa, unsuspecting of a possible leak, dedicated over 2 minutes of seduction and sexual art as Wizkid’s “Wine to the Top” played in the background.

All factors considered, Nessa could be the best waist shaker Uganda has ever seen.


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