Pastor Sleeps with Mother and Daughter

Pastor Sleeps with Mother and Daughter ||  A South African pastor has recently been busted on allegation that he had been secretly sleeping with a woman and her daughter.

According to Daily Sun, the daughter and the pastor had a sexual relationship for two years with no strings attached.

Things were great between them until the pastor became distant.

She was then shocked when the pastor started visiting her mum at their home instead of her.

At first she thought her mum and the pastor were fixing her mother’s issues. But she realised there was more to their spiritual sessions when the pastor started sleeping over.

So the 29-year-old from Rathanda in Ekurhuleni confessed to her mum that she and the pastor used to have sex.

But her mum didn’t believe her and even kicked her out of the house. The daughter now lives with a friend and hopes her mum comes back to her senses.

She said she was shocked when she saw the pastor leave their house the following morning. But the pastor slept over again the following weekend.

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“I had no problem with the fact that he’s married, but it was very disrespectful of him to go after my mother,” she told Daily Sun.

“Earlier that week, I heard congregants say he was going away to a preacher’s conference.”

She said she decided to come clean with her mum on Friday and told her she and the pastor had been on sexual for two years.

“She completely lost it and accused me of seducing old men. She told me what they had was special and was nothing compared to what we had,” she said.

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She said her mum told her to leave her house and return when she had learnt respect.

The mum (49) said her relationship with the pastor was special.

“He told me he’s divorcing his wife and I believe him because he has never given me a reason not to trust him,” she said.

She said she and the pastor had been in a relationship for a year, and stressed that her daughter most probably seduced him. My daughter needs to learn to have limits. I’m not going to be disrespected like that.

“I don’t want her in my house until she learns not to mess with her mother. I won’t allow her to destroy what me and him have.”

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The pastor confirmed that he and the daughter had a no strings attached relationship.

He said he fell for the mum and planned to marry her.

“I also realised that the daughter was busy with other congregants. That’s why I decided to distance myself,” he said.

“I love her mother. It’s just that I’m still going through a divorce, but she’s the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

But the woman said she did not sleep around and just liked being around men more than women as they gossiped a lot.


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