Pastor Samuel ’s Dirty Secrets LEAK, Having Bonking Sessions with female church members (photos)

Following shocking adultery claims about Retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, tired church sheep have decided to bring out all dirty secrets about self-proclaimed men of God like Pastor Samuel Kakande of Synagogue church.

Kakande is being accused of b0nking with a lady identified as Senga Ritah Katana. Gossip sources revealed that Ritah has on many occasions been spotted together with Kakande having good times.

Sources uncovered that pastor Kakande even rented for her a house in Nyanama where b0nking sessions always take place.

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“Chick Kakande yamulya, chick abela Nyanama jebamupangisiza Alina nabantu batwala yo ku church abajja awo ku Stella……”

—Katana— Pastor Samuel ’s Dirty Secrets LEAK, Having Bonking Sessions with female church members

Our sources further explain that Katana helps Kakande in faking miracles at his church by bringing people to testify.

“Akuwayo 20k ogende owe obujjulizi obutaliyo, amansa sentence ku Stella awo Najjanankumbi, weyasokela nga akola mu salon kunaza Basajja mumitwe nakubanyiga mbalabe” She explains further.

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Ritah is a business woman and a Senga who deals in ladies cosmetics meant to enhance their beauty, enlarge their hips and bumbs as well as increase their bed room sweetness.


Boom Gossip decided to do a check and see if Ritah has any connections with Pastor Kakande. Upon our visit on her social media pages, indeed, she seems to like the pastor’s “Preaching” as she has on several occasions shared his posts. However, Boom Gossip does not confirm an affair between the two.

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See screenshot below;


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