Pastor Mondo’s $ex Video In Cozy nude Massage to Leak As Dark Secrets Exposed

Pastor Mondo’s sex Video In Cozy nude Massage to Leak As Dark Secrets Exposed || News coming onto news desk indicates that pastor Mondo Mugisha does not go by what he preaches to his sheep.

Transgender and socialite Keem Love has exposed him for going for nu&(de massage from different massage parlours in Kampala and sleep around with random women.


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This follows accusations made by the pastor that Julie Mutesasira is lesbians which he accompanied with pictures where Julie was wedding her fellow woman.

Mondo was later seen in an interview with a local TV station where he defended himself saying that the public needed to know about Julie’s behavior. This annoyed a one Keem Love as by her name on Facebook and asked him to also talk about his dirty secrets in massage parlours.


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Keen Love revealed Mondo was caught live on Camera forcing his cassava in a clint’s sumbie after a n#@u)de massage and if he doesn’t control himself, his sex tape will end up leaking.

“Dear Pastor Mondo thank you so much for being holy and telling us about Julie Mutesasira. Now tell us about yo self going to different massage parlors and having sex with different gals after massage. Please tell us about that holy behavior too. Thank you Pastor “- Keem Love posted.

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More dirty secrets about the pastor are getting released and shall keep updating you.


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