Pastor Irene Manjeri in a Bitter Fight with Her Husband, Full Story Of What Happened

Bethel Healing Centre Church leader, Pastor Irene Manjeri has reportedly been involved in a very bitter fight with her Husband Dr. Vincent Kantongole to a extent of wanting to leave him for always cheating on her and treating her like she’s too old.

According to info we received, Manjeri and her husband Dr. Vincent Kantongole got involved in a bitter fight that saw them draw conclusions.

The city pastor is said to be on the verge of ending their 27-year relationship after her lover brought new kids to their home.

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“I don’t want you to be hearing this in rumors, that is why I have decided to tell you myself that my husband cheated on me with three women and he has a kid with each of them. Though we have miss understandings, I want us to remain giving respect to each other for the good of our children,” Manjeri told the Church leaders.

According to Manjeri, her husband has kids in each of the three women he has been cheating on her with and one of the kids is eight years old, another is 7 while the last is 5.

Watch Video Below:

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