Outrage Over Man Dating Primary School Girl: How To Protect Your Child From Paedophile

Social media users are up in arms with a paedophile whose picture shows he is dating a primary school pupil with most demanding his arrest.

The visibly older man is seen cuddling the minor in what most described as inappropriate.

“This is so sad, so disgusting a vampire masquerading as a human being ready to pounce and suck blood on young innocent school kids. These are the kind of people we need to castrate.  , said one angry social media user.

The rest of the angry comments shows that people are not impressed at the level of defilement although there are some perverts who see nothing wrong with the odd relationship.

Arrested for what I don’t see any issue   remember a 13 year old boy is twice his age and the issue has been thrown out but now it’s a gal women want to scream ???the parents must caution their daughter ipapa kana 20 ma face soo ncaaa

At the end of the day, we should all understand the need to protect our children against paedophiles whose agenda is to lure young girls into relationships.

some of these comments are really infuriating ? Lord we are surrounded by paedophiles! our land needs cleansing and serious exorcism ??, protect the girl child!

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Some of the enraging posts look like this;


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Let us consider contributions by G. Feltoe on child abuse.

Se_xual abuse of children is a terrible social evil. It blights the lives of the child victims, as well as their families, and debases our society.

Young people are especially vulnerable to se_xual abuse and exploitation and all possible steps must be taken to protect children against se_xual predators who prey upon them. The Constitution defines a child as a boy or a girl under the age of 18 years. Section 81 of the Constitution proclaims that every child has the right to be protected against se_xual exploitation and section 19 of the Constitution places an obligation upon the State to adopt reasonable measures to ensure that children are protected against all forms of abuse.

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In Zimbabwe, there has been an alarming increase in the number of reported cases of child se_xual abuse.[1] Economic decline has undermined family structures and conditions of poverty have made children more vulnerable to se_xual abuse. Certain cultural and religious practices have also contributed to the high rate of child se_xual abuse, especially the practice of child marriage.

What one can do to protect their children against paedophiles

4 ways to protect your child

1. Get Active in Your Children’s Life. Make sure you know who your children are spending time with, the adults they come in contact with on a regular basis or what they are doing at a friend’s house.

2. Make Time To Take Part in Your Children’s Life. Paedophiles look for children who appear to be on their own or whose parents don’t pay much attention to them. Paedophiles participate in activities where children are, so getting involved in your children’s life can help set up a barrier between your children and a paedophile.

Paedophile dating primary school child

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3. Make Sure Your Children Know the Proper Name of Their Anatomical Parts. Paedophiles often adopt cute names for the “se_xual” parts of a child’s body, and if your child knows the proper name, it may prevent a se_xual attack. A knowledgeable child projects power and may scare off a se_xual predator.

4. Listen To Your Intuition – Teach Your Children to Listen to Their Intuition. Intuition is a natural defence system and as we grow older, it becomes more refined. It is designed to protect us from harm or dangerous situations. Make sure your children understand this – if they feel uncomfortable, get out of that situation. If they feel unsure about doing something, don’t. If they don’t want to go with a certain person, don’t make them. Stop caring about politeness and think about safety first!


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