Outrage As Baba Beats Up ‘Cheating’ Wife In Viral Video {Watch}

Outrage As Baba Beats Up ‘Cheating’ Wife In Viral Video || -A very sad and outrageous video has emerged online showing a man mercilessly beating up his wife while another woman records.

The sad part is how a fellow woman watches helplessly and even record the ordeal without intervening and even siding with the assailant.


The way the man, referred to as Baba Mati,  throws punches and kicks at his wife and even slamming her on the ground makes it the more sad.

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Zimbabweans on social media have been calling the video gross and calling on the Zimbabwe Republic Police to find and atrrest the man.

Although the matter is not really clear, the Baba Mati attacks his wife on suspicion of some cheating going on.

Outrage As Baba Beats Up ‘Cheating’ Wife In Viral Video
Outrage As Baba Beats Up ‘Cheating’ Wife In Viral Video

The woman has been hiding a sim card, referred to in the video as “line” in the video which she is hiding perhaps contains the communication between Mai Mati and her lover.

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The husband keeps beating her up so she can reveal the sim card but Mai Mati endures the beating fearing more retribution.

“Just tell the truth ambuya, where is the line?”, the one recording the video tells the victim to which the husband escalates his beatings.

The woman admits to having an affair further inflaming the angry husband.

The video is too graphic we can not post it on Harare Live but you can still watch it HERE

People who witnessed the video have expressed anger at such level of abuse;

“I am even more hurt that another person is present recording and cheering the assault on.” One witness said.

Another felt the other woman should have intervened instead;

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Who is taking the picture without stopping this heinous act? I would arrest that one first, then that man beating the woman. GOD created women as a by the way why? Because men were lonly. Satan perverted us men. We be heavily punished if we abuse our women. Walk away in peace.

Cases of domestic violence have been on the rise with another case where a man from Trenance suburb in Bulawayo was arrested after he assaulted his wife to death with fists and stones on suspicion she was cheating on him.

A family member who preferred not to be named said Craig Walters (43) got wind that his wife Meryline Walters (38) was sharing his velvet cake with another man in the suburb.

The family member said then it happened that on 23 January this year Meryline delayed coming home, her husband got worried and left home at around 6PM to look for her.

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“Craig met his wife near a bushy area a few metres away from their house and that did not go down well him. He accused his wife of cheating on him, but his wife stood her ground saying it was not true that she was cheating on him. But he maintained that she was sleeping around. What caused the situation to spiral out of control was that when he asked her what she was doing in the bush, she gave a flimsy response,” said the family member.

The husband left his wife bleeding and he was found dead.


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