Online Gaming Effects on Unemployment in Africa

Africa wasn’t famous for online gambling before now. However, things have changed significantly within the past ten years, as there has been an explosion of online casinos across the continent.

 Believe it or not, Africa is going through an online gambling revolution, as many African nations are now participating in one form of online gambling or the other. If you read the Yako Casino review, you will understand just how big online gambling has become in this part of the world.


That being said, online gambling isn’t the only thing on the rise in Africa, as unemployment rates are also going up. Specifically, Africa’s total unemployment rate reached a new high, as it rose to a staggering 32.6% in 2021’s first quarter.


Reports from South Africa show that the unemployment rate has reached 34.4% in the second quarter of 2021, and there are no signs of slowing down.


In light of this, we will look at the factors that made online gambling so popular in Africa and the overall effect of the online gambling boom on unemployed masses.


Factors That Influenced the Popularity of Online Gaming in Africa

The new wave of online casinos we are witnessing in Africa didn’t happen by mistake, as several factors triggered this boom. Chief among these factors are:

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IT Development: Online casinos wouldn’t be as popular in Africa without the explosion of smartphones and telecommunication technology.

 Mobile Banking: Mobile banking has made it easy for Africans to fund their betting accounts via their mobile apps.

 Unemployment: As the unemployment levels rise in Africa, more and more people without work are turning to online casinos for a chance to make money.

How Online Gambling Might Affect Unemployed People in Africa

Being unemployed does not mean a person will not have to pay for anything, as there will still be daily needs and expenses to take care of.


Things like healthcare, food, rent, and transportation are among the most common expenses in a person’s life, and they have to be paid for one way or the other.

For a person without work, online gambling can be seen as a source to make money to settle their expenses, and gambling could give them a livelihood pending the time they secure another job.

But what are the exact effects online casinos can have on an unemployed person in Africa?

Let’s take a look at them below.

1.     It takes their mind off crime

It is typical of unemployed people to become uneasy, especially when bills start piling up. If there is no quick way to make money in sight, then that person can turn to heinous means to make ends meet.

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This is where online casinos can be advantageous, as they offer some hope of making money without committing violent crimes.

With this option in mind, most unemployed people will rather try their luck in an online casino than carry a gun and rob.

2.     It can run them into debt

No one expects an unemployed person to have too much cash to spare. The case may be that a person recently lost their job and had some savings by the side. But that will eventually run out if there is no inflow of cash.

If that person is already hooked on online casinos, then there’s every possibility that they will take small loans from friends or family to gamble.

People in this class are already used to working and earning money, so they believe that another job opportunity will present sooner than later. This is why many of them won’t mind gambling with borrowed money.

However, a long run of losses and the absence of a new job can leave them knee-deep in debt.

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3.     It can equally make them rich

The same chances an unemployed African has of running into debt by playing online casino games are the same chances of becoming rich.

It is true “the house always wins,” but the fact remains that Africans are winning millions every day via online bets.

4.     It provides job opportunities

Online casinos reduce the unemployment growth rate because they provide direct and indirect job opportunities for the people who run the business. These include the developers that design the casino games and gambling software, the live dealers, and the customer support agents. Youths without jobs or stable incomes are gambling with borrowed money, further plunging themselves into poverty.


Unemployment is at an all-time high in Africa, and those without work are faced with the challenge of providing their everyday needs. Many have turned to online casinos in a bid to raise money, as these platforms offer hope of huge payouts and a better life.

Fortunately for a few lucky ones, they end up winning huge sums, but the same cannot be said of the rest, as many of them win very little or even run into huge debts.

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